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Dirk Von Stein is a Singer Songwriter musician based out of Des Moines, IA.  Cover song favorites from all types of Country, Americana, Classic Rock, 70'S Folk, Blues. 
Playing music has been a passion of Dirk Von Stein since the age of 5. He started with piano lessons, percussion in the school band, then convinced his mom and dad to buy a drum set at 13. After forming his first band a year later... he was hooked. Nothing was cooler than playing loud rock and roll.
Guitars were around and he always wanted to sing and write music.  By 22 he had been taking guitar lessons for years and was ready to join another band. Hitting up all the local open jams he found a home in the Des Moines Blues community. Dirk loved playing live shows, but soon alcohol took center stage in his life. Fears of drinking and driving kept him away from playing and performing for a decade. Sobering up in 2014 he was at a crossroads with new hope and was given the opportunity to play music again at the last place he ever imagined…. church.
Leading worship with the youth band led to the opportunity to play lead electric guitar on the Sunday worship team. He had plenty of ideas to start writing originals songs about and his passion to play music was at an all time high.

During the year of lock down he made the decision to start playing the music he loves again. 2021 presented the opportunity he was ready for. Playing solo acoustic gives Dirk the creative freedom to play music by all his favorite artists/bands and getting to collaborate with musicians.  He looks forward to sharing his original music as well. 


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